About Me

Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, College of Computer & Information Sciences - King Saud University with second class honors.

Front-end software engineer specialized in ReactJS, interested in developing and designing web applications with passion and keen to provide them with high quality and get them done effectively. Also interested in learning the latest web technologies and technology in general.

My Experience


AerBag is a platform that develops and digitizes the automotive services sector, providing several technical solutions that help manage car workshops and make it easier for the customer to repair his car. The customer can make a maintenance request on the application without having to go to the car workshop, while the service provider can estimate that request based on the details and photos provided. Towing service is also available in the application which allows the customer to request a truck to deliver his car to the needed workshop. AerBag provides an ERP system for car workshops, which allows the workshop manager or owner to manage and organize the work.

Full-stack Developer

Jun 2021 - Jun 2022


In the beginning, my main job was to analyze and test the AerBag application and make sure it's free of problems by recording all the issues and suggestions in Jira. Later we started with the idea of ​​building a workshop management system which is the ERP system. I've started to collect all the possible requirements required to implement the system, then started to do a preliminary design using Figma to make sure with the non-technical team that the requirements were completed and correct. The development phase started and was highly dependent on the prepared design, and the approach taken was Design Driven Development with the Agile Methodology because we were not sure of the completeness of the requirements. The development was carried out in several phases based on importance, using ReactJS and NodeJS. I was responsible for developing the front-end side.


Shuttle is a platform that provides logistical services for online stores, by delivering orders from sellers to customers through an innovative idea, which is smart lockers. These smart lockers using the Internet of Things (IoT technology) so that customer can open the cabinet to get his order without the need to type any code or scan any code, just by pressing a button that he has got in the SMS message when the order is delivered. the order will be delivered to the nearest smart locker to his home or business.

Full-stack Engineer

Dec 2020 - Mar 2021


I've received a job offer after completing the training period from the same company as a Full-stack Engineer, my work was focused on developing the product as a full-time job in addition to working with the embedded system team to periodically maintain and develop the smart lockers in terms of software and hardware. I was checking my duties (tasks) on a daily basis and doing daily meetings with developers to improve the product an maintain the discovered issues and make periodic tests to avoid future failures.

Cooperative Trainee

Aug 2020 - Nov 2020


During the training period, I've worked in several fields, with the aim of gaining experience and growing skills as much as possible, with a focus on the web development field. Basically, I was working as a product developer (front-end side) with a team of 4 people by using Javascript and React library. As a side job, I was working as a project manager related to Nawafith Company, and the project took more than 6 months to complete, besides that I was working with the embedded system team to install smart lockers.

My Skills

Major Skills



My Projects

AerBag ERP

It is a workshop management system that allows the manager to follow up on tasks and assign them to employees, check and schedule appointments, complete management of employees' attendance, inventory management, project creation with billing functionality, and other features that facilitate the workshop management process, in addition to statistics about the main ERP sections. The project was built using ReactJS, ChakraUI, and some libraries that help to improve the development.

Developed with

Reactjs Sass Chakra

AerBag Clock-in

An application for employee attendance is linked with the ERP system so that employees can make clock-in and clock-out through the application. The employee can also submit a leave request and update the attendance request provided. From the ERP system, the manager can check the attendance of employees with the ability to know the location of the request, and can accept or reject the leave requests. The system was developed using ReactNative and Tailwind.

Developed with

Reactnative Tailwind


A project that simulates Alfaylaqia mosque in Ushaiger heritage village, where you can wander inside the mosque and discover its parts with a simple challenge. A 3D model was built using Blender and applied by ThreeJS, in addition to using GSAP library for some animations. The goal of building this project is to train to add 3D technology in the websites, make the experience unique, and present the culture of my city in a new way. The project is under development and the purpose is to build the main landmarks in Ushaiger.

Developed with

Html Css Js Threejs Blender

Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro Ticket Booking System is my graduation project from the university, which is a web application for booking metro tickets (Virtual). It is designed to support all types of devices (Responsive Design) and is compatible with all types of browsers. Among the services available on the site are the electronic payment service (PayPal or credit card) and the direct communication service (Live Chat) with technical support.

Developed with

Html Css Js Php Mysql

Antiques House

E-commerce web application based on selling antique and gift products, designed to support all types of devices (Responsive Design) and it is available with electronic payment services such as (PayPal or credit card) and it has a control panel by employees to manage products, in addition to linking Google Maps service to the site.

Developed with

Html Css Js Php Mysql

Share Fun

A web application that allows friends and family members to share their favorite movies and series between them, so that you can share the movies you watched or liked with your friends by publishing them in the Friends' Group. The app supports PWA technology which allows users to install the app as a native mobile app, and walking inside it on offline mode (without an internet connection).

Developed with

React Sass Bootstrap Firebase


A platform that allows people who have talent or creativity in a specific thing and have a desire to participate in events or parties, they register on the site so that companies looking for talented people can find them easily and faster. The site provides a direct communication service between individuals and a talent filter when searching for the required talent with the ability of a person to change his status.

Developed with

React Sass Tailwind Firebase

Some of the designs were designed using Figma

You will find it Here